SILVER 5L Closefield Monitor

The only true Closefield monitor In The World.

Mix using SILVER 5Ls and your mix will sound the same everywhere.

What you hear is what you get.

SILVER 5L Closefield Monitor

Smallest precision monitor on the market. Perfect for freelance engineers/producers.

Take them wherever you record.

Why They Work?

Pair of SILVER 5L monitors, designed specifically to be used in closefield*, will eliminate the detrimental effects of reflected sound. This is due to the difference between the length of the direct signal as opposed to the very much delayed reflected signal. The human ear is able to detect this difference and ignore the reflections, allowing you to hear only the speaker. more

High Spec Monitor

We maintain that there is no special Black Magic or Guru Art to designing monitors but a procedure of sound theory applied using laws of physics. Based on this scientific principle we also argue that the performance of a sound monitor cannot be judged only on subjective grounds but as with all high technology equipment, must be capable of being judged on objective grounds as well. more

Design & Build

We assemble all our monitors by hand, using point-to-point soldering of all components, including our low-loss PCB boards which have wide coherent tracks to stop any losses. We do not use any terminal spades for ease of manufacture. Instead we solder the oxygen-free interconnects directly to the terminals. Silver 5L is one of the highest quality monitors you can buy. more

Nice To Be Appreciated!

I feel that the SILVER 5Ls provide a clear detailed monitoring reference capable of producing mixes that will sound good out of the studio as well as in. more

Paul White

Sound on Sound

Their sound is engaging enough to win you over to them on the spot. The SILVER 5L/BH system bridges the gap between art and science very cleverly indeed.

Bruce Medwin

Home & Studio Recording

The bass is very impressive…
As long as you stay in closefield, these are monitors with much more to offer than many ‘industry standard’ monitors.

Paul Mac

The Mix

I would never  mix a song without my SILVER 5Ls! Especially when I am mixing a large orchestra I rely on them 100%. They are my secret sauce.

Stuart Roslyn

Intrusion UK

Closefield,* not Near Field

* The small field where the listener and the speaker are placed should not be called Near Field because the term is already defined in acoustic engineering for something else.

Near Sound Field: that part of a sound field, usually within about two wavelengths of a noise source, where there is no simple relationship between sound level and distance, where the sound pressure does not obey the Inverse Square Law and the Particle Velocity is not in phase with the Sound Pressure.

Obviously as the sound in a listening room does decay at 6 dB for a doubling of the distance from the speaker, the listener and the speaker are not in a near-field. Hence, all those small speakers on the market that are advertised as Near Field are using the wrong term.

This is why Silver invented the term Closefield back in mid-90s when they introduced the worlds fist Closefield Monitor Silver5L.

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